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Find the complete ranking: 24 pages dedicated to the analysis of the influence of the BEL 20 ExCom


Among the many roles that business leaders must play, that of ambassador on professional social networks, LinkedIn in the lead, is becoming increasingly important.
Whether they are autonomous or need to be helped, executive profiles must now be credible, authentic and inspiring. Their profiles must be optimized. Their online networking must be polished. And their publications, targeted, embodied and engaging.
Faced with the complexity of the world, the uncertainties and the economic, societal and environmental challenges, their e-reputation and that of the companies they lead are assets. Intangible, of course. But more valuable than ever.
More valuable for human resources, of course, in order to inspire and attract high value-added candidates, then to mobilize them and build their loyalty around values… and responsibilities. In an inclusive way.
More valuable for marketing and sales, too, as customers, prospects and (potential) partners prefer to talk to a leader rather than a logo or a brand. More precious, finally, globally, for communication, the role of « model » of company leaders allowing more easily to touch emotionally all the stakeholders of the company, to inspire confidence.
In a word, to influence them.
It is precisely at the heart of this issue, at the center of the « corporate brand – personal brand » equation, that the report you have in front of you was born: the 1st barometer of the influence of BEL 20 leaders.
A few months ago, Xavier Degraux had initiated the 1st LinkedIn ranking of BEL 20 CEOs, crowning the only woman, Ilham Kadri (Solvay). This time, by collaborating, we are able to extend the analysis of the influence of the BEL 20 companies to all the members of their ExCom.
By collectively publishing on social media, ExCom members generate an engagement rate that corporate accounts would be unable to achieve: on these conversational platforms, no one wants to discuss with a logo. Together, they rightly embody each and every company’s commitments, convictions and ambitions. With regular, relevant and authentic digital communication, they have the power to grow and nurture all stakeholders’ confidence.
AmazingContent has been spreading this vision to French companies for more than three years now, especially by publishing the Influence Books : a series of sectoral rankings of the most influential executives teams. In 2022, 60% of ExCom members from French companies were already publishing on LinkedIn, and they will be even more in 2023.
But in a global economic and social crisis context and considering the general and massive loss of trust in corporate discourses, rebuilding audiences’ attention and confidence is now a universal challenge. That is why we are grateful for this opportunity to export our vision beyond borders and to convince Belgian leaders to join the movement for a more responsible, inclusive and inspiring leadership.
When it comes to corporate e-reputation, unity is also strength.
Xavier Degraux
Independent consultant, trainer and coach in leadership advocacy. Former economic and financial journalist.
Eliott Siegler,
CEO et Co-fondateur d’AmazingContent


For this BEL 20 ranking, we wanted to establish an impartial and factual study. We have therefore chosen simple calculations based on data that is accessible to all.




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