Digital Evolution,
Cultural [R]evolution

By shifting the audience from traditional medias to platforms designed for interaction, social networks have turned corporate communication upside down. But nobody wants to talk to a logo on these platforms designed for conversation.

By enabling large organizations to make their Leadership Teams their best ambassadors on social networks, AmazingContent supports managers in transforming their business by establishing a culture of embodied communication.

1 business project,
3 programs

The era is for leadership empowerment! But Rome wasn’t built in a day and change management requires a good roadmap as well as discipline.

We have developed a unique and proven methodology for success based on 3 key programs to help more than 80 clients and 350 leaders scale their influence on social networks.

Leader Advocacy Program

Informing top management with the right information at the right time, engaging them and making them the best ambassadors for the brand and the organisation: AmazingContent is primarily aimed at C-Levels because they are the first to bear the responsibility for the company’s commitment.

Ambassador Advocacy Program ​

This responsibility is now shared with all those who have a leadership role in the organisation and its projects. Our target is the Top 100 in your company!

Employee Advocacy Program

Federating and realigning employees around the company’s core project, renewing the team’s pride in belonging and their desire to share and embody its values and vision. Because there is no leadership without influence, because there is no influence without community and because communities only live through the involvement, interaction and commitment of the members who make up the community, this last component is the final step while shaping a new performance-driven communication strategy.

The best of technology and human ingenuity at the heart of your business, challenges and commitments!

Social media Influence made easy with the 1st All-in-One solution for Leadership Advocacy

Leverage the full potential of social networks with confidence and at your own pace

Because every user is unique, AmazingContent support guarantees a seamless experience, adapted to your professional challenges and as per your schedule.

Time Savvy

Reduce the noise of your feeds, Customized monitoring, Flexible coaching that fits your schedule, 24/7 Help Center.

Get to grips with the codes to break rules

We give you the keys to social networks and influence strategies, you open the doors in complete autonomy.

Analytics & Insights

With Leaderboard, you evaluate your individual and collective performance and progress.

Play as a Team

With Amplify, promote team spirit, this great engagement gas pedals for your peers.

What about my copywriters ?

With Influence Manager, save time, simplify and digitalize the management of your CEO’s or Top Management’s quills.

The Wire

Smart social listening feature to benchmark must-follow business personalities. Unveil best practices, find the right positioning compared to your peers and competitors.