Your personalized Social Training Journey

Receive a certificated training journey and help from a dedicated coach.

Learn how to master social media, gain confidence into your abilities and level up your influence.

Dirigeants en formation

A dedicated

1 - step

Social Media Training for leaders

  • KickOff
    A one-on-one meeting to define the editorial strategy of each Connected Leader.
  • Branding
    An iterative process to refine the branding of social media accounts and identify the digital personality of each Connected Leader.
  • Social Training
    Certified and proprietary training sessions about key notions like Engagement, Interaction… and all tips and tricks to master social media hidden rules.
  • Influence
    A dedicated coaching team to regularly review each Connected Leader progress and push them further.

Certified Training Journey

In France, you can request financing from your OPCO (Organism for the development of competencies).

Meet our ecosystem

The Club

Webinars, breakfasts and private groups on social media… Our exclusive events and dedicated contents enable our community of Connected Leaders to exchange and learn from each other.

Business partners

Thoroughly selected business partners to take up every challenge you may have about digital communication (company purpose definition, change management, online marketing stakes…)

Estelle Porcher, Directrice Innovation de L'Oréal

“Thanks to the Social Training journey and the dedicated coaching of AmazingContent experts I feel more confident to publish on social media. My posts are genuine, reflect my domain of expertise and enable me to engage with my community. As a result, I easily developed a qualified and engaged network of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn.”

Estelle Porcher, Innovation Director of L'Oréal

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