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AmazingContent: A Best-In-Class Solution for Greater Business Impact


No more friction points or mental load! Benefit from a complete suite of functionalities for unparalleled performance monitoring and decision support.

Features to execute, deploy and scale your leaders’ communications: A seamless and optimized experience.


No more friction points or mental load! Benefit from a complete suite of functionalities for unparalleled performance monitoring and decision support.

Measuring and monitoring has never been easier with these 3 essential features for an optimized experience.


Your security is our priority. Deploy the full potential of your leaders' influence on social networks with complete peace of mind.

Influence Score

The first measure of Sustainable Engagement on social networks

Engagement refers to a key metric when it comes to assess the performance on social media. Yet it does not necessarily translate into long-lasting trust or loyalty for a business, a brand or a role model

AmazingContent specializes in C-Suite and Top Management influence on social networks. Thanks to a unique leadership our team explored the tiny relationship between a leader’s social media activity and its influence. After 3 years and millions of data analysis, we have built a unique performance indicator linking an individual (consumer, employee, shareholder) to a brand, a company and its management.

This indicator does not only take into account the reach or the engagement level(s) of single posts but measures all the exhaustive interactions generated by the full activity of a Connected Leader during a 12-month period (of time).
Thus the Influence Score is the first KPI which monitors sustainable engagement

As it takes into account the exhaustiveness of interactions over time (over a period of 12 consecutive months) on ambivalent platforms: Designed for immediacy on the one hand (the average consumption time is 24 hours for a LinkedIn post and 18 minutes only for a Tweet) and yet whose digital footprint is permanent on the other hand (the lifespan of a post is infinite).