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Découvrez notre toute dernière étude sectorielle, réalisée avec la participation de LinkedIn, dédiée à la communication des dirigeants de l’industrie du luxe sur la plateforme. 

Voici ce que vous retrouverez dans ce livrable :  

  • Les groupes et les leaders les plus influents
  • L’activité et le rythme de publication des dirigeants
  • Les thématiques phares de leur ligne éditoriale
  • La posture et le ton adoptés par les leaders
  • L’analyse du potentiel d’influence unique du secteur du luxe

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"Stay rare and exclusive, not secretive"

The global luxury market is expected to reach a record value of 1,500 billion euros in 2023, driven by growing consumer demand for luxury experiences. In this context of growth, luxury brands face a new challenge: maintaining their exclusivity while adapting to changing consumer expectations.

We are at a turning point in the history of luxury. Its scope is expanding more and more, from goods to services. Paradoxically, its competitive structure is becoming increasingly concentrated. The battle that will play out in the coming years will be exciting: the scope of luxury will continue to expand into areas where the rules of the game will be different, brands will encounter new rivals from other industrial sectors, and will have to compete with ingenuity to stay in the race, make their move to the next level, or survive! Strategy will regain a place of prime importance in this sector.

As the luxury market continues to grow and evolve, brands must find new ways to connect with their audiences and maintain their position as industry leaders.

One key strategy that has emerged in recent years is the use of social media, particularly LinkedIn, by luxury leaders to share their insights and experiences.

In an industry where exclusivity and discretion are often seen as markers of elegance and luxury, the idea of leaders speaking out on social media may seem counterintuitive. However, in today’s digital age, consumers increasingly expect transparency and authenticity from the brands they engage with. By sharing their perspectives on industry trends, sustainability initiatives, and brand values, luxury leaders can build trust and credibility with their audiences.

Of course, this approach must be executed with care and precision. Luxury brands must find a delicate balance between rarity and discretion. While rarity is a marker of luxury, excessive discretion can arouse mistrust and suspicion. Luxury leaders therefore have a key role to play in embodying their brands with authenticity and transparency, while preserving their aura of exclusivity.

When done effectively, luxury leaders’ voices on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for strengthening brand reputation and building deeper connections with consumers. By sharing unique insights and experiences, leaders can create a sense of exclusivity and intimacy with their followers, while also demonstrating their expertise and thought leadership within the industry.

In summary, as the luxury market continues to grow and evolve, brands must find new ways to maintain their exclusivity and connect with their audiences. By leveraging the power of social media, particularly LinkedIn, luxury leaders can build trust, credibility, and deeper relationships with consumers. While this approach requires careful execution, it represents a unique opportunity for luxury brands to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Ioana Erhan,Ioana Erhan, Senior Sales Director France & Italy, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Ioana Erhan,Eliott Siegler, CEO & Co-Founder, AmazingContent

Un livrable sectoriel clé pour développer l’influence de vos leaders et guider votre stratégie de communication incarnée sur LinkedIn

Des données quantitatives exclusives sur la prise de parole des dirigeants du secteur du Luxe

Une analyse qualitative de la communication des dirigeants du Luxe et nos recommandations stratégiques


Quand nous avons conçu ce classement des dirigeants du secteur du luxe, nous avons tenu à établir une étude impartiale et factuelle, comme pour tous nos classements. Notre objectif était de donner la priorité à l'impact des entreprises, indépendamment de la taille de leur équipe de direction. Par conséquent, nous avons choisi d'effectuer des calculs simples basés sur des données accessibles à tous.

Nous avons sélectionné 40 entreprises du secteur du luxe en mai 2023. Pour chaque dirigeant, nous avons analysé les profils LinkedIn des membres concernés et calculé la somme des engagements (commentaires ou réponses, réactions ou likes, et partages) cumulés sur chacun de leurs posts, de manière exhaustive. Nous avons ensuite établi un Score d'Influence pour chacun de ces dirigeants, qui correspond à la moyenne des engagements générés par dirigeant sur une période de douze mois.




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